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"US$1.8trillion, the annual cost of corrosion worldwide is over 3% of the worlds GDP".

These figures reflect only the direct cost of corrosion, essentially materials, equipment and services involved with repair, maintenance and replacement. It does not include environmental damage, waste of resources, loss of production or personal injury resulting from corrosion.

Corrosion analysts have concluded that 20 to 25% of that annual cost can be saved by applying corrosion control technologies at a saving of $325 to 360 billion.*

*(Extract from NACE, National Association Of Corrosion Contractors)

There is a solution...OXIFREE.

A unique sprayable polymeric coating system which can be applied to a wide range of corrosion issues...



Oxifree Global LLC is represented across the world by select well established area specific anti corrosion and anti contamination specialists.

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Oxifree TM198 and Oxifree Application machines, have been designed and developed to the highest Industry standards.

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Oxifree Polymeric Metal Encapsulation is an appropriate corrosion and contamination solution to a wide range of Industries.

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